Modified Open Campus Policy

CECP Open Campus Policy


What is Open Campus?

It is the school’s policy that allows CECP students 16 years of age or older to leave campus when they do not have a scheduled class or another assigned school obligation. Open campus is a privilege, not a right, that can be revoked at any time. Permission Slips will be available on that date at the front desk.

Who has access to Open Campus privileges?

CECP students 16 years of age in good standing both academically and behaviorally have open campus privileges. A signed parent permission form must also be on file at the front reception desk. It should be noted that students can have their privileges revoked at any time.

What is the process for leaving campus for students who are eligible?

  1. A signed waiver form must be hand delivered by a parent or guardian (not the student) to the front reception desk.
  2. The student must sign out at the front reception desk and leave through the main door. The main door must be used when signing back in as well.
  3. The student's attendance, discipline, and grades will be checked at the time of signing out. The student must be given the ‘All Clear’ by front reception in order to leave. Updates will be in I.C.
  4. Reviews of each eligible student will be conducted on a weekly basis.   *Rudeness or impatience at the front reception desk may lead to open campus revocation.  
  5. Any attendance or tardy issues will be dealt with under CECP’s Attendance Policy and open campus privileges will be revoked.


Under what circumstances will a student lose the privilege to leave the campus during an open period or lunch?

Students may lose open campus privileges because of disciplinary, attendance, or academic infractions at the discretion of the administration. -Noted infractions include but are not limited to the following:

  • Not leaving or signing out or back in through the Front (Main) Door
  • Leaving with active Disciplinary Issues
  • Leaving with failing grades (F’s)
  • Leaving without a Signed Waiver on file


What happens if a student does not get back to campus on time and is late for a class or skips a class entirely?

It is considered an unexcused tardy or unexcused absence. Students are responsible for missed work and course credit may be in jeopardy. In addition, open campus privileges will be revoked.

When a student has an open period and does not have an assigned class, where can he/she go to remain on campus?

Students can utilize either the cafeteria or student lounge (Room 201). Students will not be allowed in academic areas or hallways.

What are some other considerations of Open Campus?

CECP students are a representation of the school as a whole. Revocation of open campus privileges will also occur if the student behaves in a way off campus that displays detrimental behavior of the school community. If any criminal activity occurs while off campus, CECP administration will work with local authorities to prosecute the students accordingly. School discipline will occur accordingly. Students should never cross Parker Road (Hwy 83) at any location other than in a city designated crosswalk.

Are there any special circumstances that students under the age of 16 can leave?

CECP will remain a closed campus for all students under the age of 16. There may be occasions in which older siblings are the driver for students under 16 years of age. If the student under 16 is finished for classes for the day, they must still sign out and leave campus with the older sibling or pre-arranged driver. Parents must notify the front desk of these situation so we can have on record of these special circumstances.

*CECP still needs students to sign out if they are leaving for the day for accountability purposes.


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