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CECP Athletic Agreement

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Athletic & Extracurricular Activities Agreement


All Colorado Early College, Parker students leaving school early for athletics and extracurricular activities must abide by the following guidelines:


  1. Submit a current copy of the schedule that includes dates and times of the athletic and extracurricular activities and times student is to be released on said dates. The schedule MUST include name of school or organization, contact information of the coach and/or teacher of extracurricular activity.
  2. Meet with Dean of Students, Mr. Smith for approval.
  3. Maintain your academic responsibilities with a 70% or better in all your courses.
  4. Adhere to the academic, attendance, discipline, and dress code policy set by CECP. Playing in a school sport is a privilege and sets a standard as a role model. Failure to comply with the set guidelines will result in loss of privileges in athletics and extracurricular activities.


Student Name _________________________________ Date _________________________


Sport/Activity Participating School ______________________________________________


Start Date _______________________

End Date   _______________________


Parent Signature________________________________ Date _________________________