CECP College Direct Students and Parents

Being a CECP College Direct Student means you sometimes march to the beat of a different drum from our Parker on-campus students. While we always put the latest news, deadlines, and events in our weekly newsletters, this page is another place to access the information you need to succeed.
Have you scheduled your spring advising appointment?
It's time to schedule your spring advising appointment! Advising is mandatory for each semester so that we can submit the paperwork necessary to clear holds on your account and so we can pay for your tuition! 
Registration is already open at most community colleges, so don't delay in scheduling your appointment!
Full time students should schedule an appointment with Ms. Rodriguez here.
Part-time students should schedule and appointment with Ms. Rolls here.
Fall semester withdrawal dates are coming up!
If you are struggling in a class and fear you may not get a passing grade, you may withdraw from the class and receive a "W" on your transcript. Withdrawing from a class means it will not affect your GPA, but you will be financially responsible for paying CECP for that class. The general withdrawal deadlines for ACC and Red Rocks are below, but always check your student portal or class syllabus for withdrawal deadlines specific to your class and notify your CECP College Direct academic advisor of your need to withdraw from a class.

General Withdrawal Deadlines:
Red Rocks Withdrawal Deadline: November 12th
ACC Withdrawal Deadline: November 14th
How much do I have left in my tuition voucher?
Many parents ask how they can know how much their student has left in their CECP tuition voucher. As a College Direct student, it's easy to calculate this! Use this form to help you keep track of your voucher.
Log into your community college student portal and look under the finance tab. You should be able to view your fall semester bill. If you are full-time student, you will subtract that amount from $2,100. If you are a part-time student, you will subtract that amount from $1,050. 
Now take into consideration if you plan to get reimbursed for books or a laptop. You will want to subtract those amounts from the tuition voucher also. You will only be reimbursed up to the amount of your voucher.  If you end up with a positive balance, this will carry over to the spring semester. If you took more classes than your voucher could cover, and you have a negative balance, this is what you will owe CECP. 
Did you know as a CECP College Direct student, you need to complete 20 hours of community service for graduation? 
Download this form to record and submit your hours.  
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