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Visitor Policy

All visitors, including parents/guardians and accompanying minors, must sign in and receive a visitor’s badge at the front desk to receive proper authorization to be in the building. Visitors must display the visitor’s badge and may be asked by the school staff to display their ID’s as requested.


The front desk admin will determine and issue a visitor’s badge accordingly and will screen for the following:

  1. Their purpose for visiting
  2. Their destination
  3. Who they are visiting (accountability)

Arrangements to meet with a teacher or staff member should be requested 24 hours prior to the visit.


Student visitors must have prior authorization (this does not include current CECP off campus students) from the Head of School or designee before entering the school site. This includes anyone who is not a student currently enrolled at CECP.


For the purpose of student recruitment, there will be scheduled Shadow Days in the school year when outside students will be allowed to “shadow” CECP students and experience CECP student life/campus/teaching staff, etc. These days are specifically designated for outside students to be on campus. Appointments to shadow must be made in advance. During these days visiting students will be required to report to the front desk to sign in, and they will be assigned to other students or a teacher for that time frame.


Visitors in violation of any of the above procedures or whose conduct jeopardizes the safety of students and staff, interferes with programs in the school, or endangers property are subject to immediate removal from the school by order of the Head of School or designee and possible arrest.