Understanding Your Tuition Voucher


piggy bank

CECP will cover the cost of tuition, books, and fees based on your full-time or part-time status as outlined in below.





Course Load

Five-seven 5 day/week college prep courses OR 7 college credit hours OR two 5 day/week college prep+3-6 college credit hours

2-4 college prep courses OR 3-6 college credit hours

Tuition Voucher

$1,900/semester for grades 9-11

$2,100/semester for grade 12


  • Any cost over the voucher amount will be the responsibility of the student.

  •  Students are charged for classes that are failed (below a ā€œCā€), from which you withdraw, or do not receive college credit.

  •  If you incur costs above your allotted semester voucher amount, you will receive a bill either from CECP or directly from the college.

  •  If you do not use all your fall semester voucher funds, leftover monies will be applied to the spring semester. Funds left over after spring semester can be applied to summer courses. Voucher funds start fresh each fall.  Funds are not carried over from summer to fall.  Funds may not be borrowed from future semesters. For part-time students, funds may not be applied to classes that exceed your 6-credit limit, even if you are self-paying.

  •  We may only approve online or hybrid classes if there are extenuating circumstances.Tuition for online and hybrid courses are charged at a higher rate and must be approved by the Dean of Academic and Career Advising. 

  • Student Fees are included in the tuition table listed on the back page.

  •  Some courses have additional fees or might require equipment or supplies. Students are responsible for any such course-specific fees.

  • Off-campus/College Direct students can view their bill through their online student portal at their respective colleges. CECP does not have access to any financial charges until the college sends an invoice for payment.

  • If you are enrolled in more than one institution in a semester, your voucher can be spread out across institutions.

  • Students can only be reimbursed for required textbooks up to the amount left in their semester voucher with a maximum reimbursement amount of $500.
We have provided tuition reimbursement worksheets below to help you calculate the amount remaining in your voucher each semester.