Textbook Policy and Procedure

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CECP provides textbooks for all students. On-campus students receive textbooks from their teachers, while students enrolled in off-campus courses may be reimbursed for textbooks based on the following policy.


Parker On-Campus Textbook Policy

CECP will provide any necessary textbooks to students taking courses on the CECP campus.  Students are responsible for the book(s) that have been issued to them.  If you fail to return a textbook by the end of the semester, or if you damage or write in a book so that it cannot be re-issued, you will be responsible for reimbursing CECP at the current publisher’s cost of the book.  A “hold” will be placed on your CECP student account, and no student records will be released until the book is either returned or payment is received in compensation.




Off-Campus/College Direct Textbook Renting/Purchasing Policy

You must adhere to these policies if you want to be reimbursed by CECP for your books:


Since you want to make the most of the money left over in your tuition voucher, please follow these steps to ensure you are getting your textbooks at the lowest prices possible. 

1.  To determine the required books for a class, look in your class syllabus, go to your college bookstore website or click the links below.

ACC             CCA                       RRCC                   PPCC                      MSU & UCD



Enter your term, the department, and the course into the text fields.  Note the 13-digit ISBN# along with the title, author, and edition. Required books AND optional/recommended books will be shown.  CECP will ONLY reimburse you for REQUIRED textbooks.

2.  Check our lending library inventory to see if we have your textbook available. (see sidebar) If we do, click here to request it.
3.  If it is not available, we recommend going to directtextbook.com to see the options for renting (other options are listed below). We highly recommend you check this website first as they often have rental prices well below those listed at the college bookstores.
4. If a textbook is not available to borrow or rent always try to buy a used book. Directtextbook.com can help you find the lowest price available. 
NOTE: If you purchase a textbook from a college/university bookstore during the 14 days prior to the course start date, yet you could have rented (because you were registered for the course(s) before this two-week period), CECP WILL ONLY REIMBURSE 50% of the purchase price minus sales tax.




Rental Options

Explore the following websites for rental pricing:



Your respective community college website will also have rental options although you may find their prices are higher. If you rent from one of these sites, you are expected to follow their terms and conditions.  CECP will assume no responsibility, financial or otherwise, for books that have been damaged or returned after the due date specified in your rental agreement.  Please use your best judgment when renting from these sites and order from the least expensive site.  Make sure to select a rental period long enough so that the book will not be due back until AFTER the course ends.  If you are unable to find your textbook from one of the above sites, you may seek out other websites or methods to obtain your book.  RENTED TEXTBOOKS MUST BE RETURNED TO THE SITE FROM WHICH THEY WERE RENTED—NOT THE CECP CAMPUS.


Purchase Options (Used)

Remember to try to borrow or rent your books first! Directtextbook.com is a great place to start if you need to purchase a textbook. It will compare the best online prices and offers. Other options are:




CECP will only reimburse for required textbooks, consumables and access codes for a class. Students will need to purchase recommended/optional materials, for example parking permits, lab coats or art supplies, at their own expense.  If CECP reimburses the cost of a book, whether new or used, that book becomes the property of CECP. It must be returned to the Highlands Ranch Satellite Office during the reimbursement window in December and May. Exact dates will be announced in the weekly newsletter. If you plan to keep a textbook, do not submit for reimbursement.  


Reimbursement and Textbook Return Process

For the summer semester (2020), you may submit your documentation for reimbursement until August 10, 2020. All purchased hard-copy textbooks and reusable materials MUST be returned by August 10, 2020 to our Highlands Ranch office. (Given the COVID-19 quarantine, we will notify you of dates when you can drop off your textbooks) 



Click here to complete on-line reimbursement form and attach the following documents
(they will need to be scanned in in pdf format)


--Class Syllabi to show required textbooks



Used or new purchased textbooks must be returned to:
CECP at the Highlands Ranch Office. 9137 S. Ridgeline Blvd., Suite 280, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129




Rented textbooks should be returned to the vendor from which they were rented.


Once the Business Manager has received all the above items, you will receive a mailed reimbursement check up to the amount left in your CEC tuition voucher with a maximum reimbursement of $500.00.   Requests for reimbursement made after the determined deadlines for fall and spring will not be approved. 


Check our textbook lending library list below to see if we have the textbook you need!
If we have a title you need, click here to request it.