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The Exceptional Student Services department assesses, facilitates meetings and implements programs for students who have a wide variety of needs, i.e., Special Education (SPED), Gifted and Talented (ALP), English as a Second Language (ESL) and Individualized Learning Plan (IEP) 504 Plans.  Once assessed or deemed eligible, students are served in accordance to their needs with special programming along with assisting teachers to make accommodations in the general classroom. Students are served in the general classroom, in small groups and individually according to their needs in both the high school and collegiate curricula.


Our staff possesses decades of knowledge and experience to make sure our students are being served appropriately, as well as learning how to advocate for themselves accurately. We love to serve as resources for students, teachers, professors, parents, family support and resource coordination and we love watching our students succeed!


Colorado Early Colleges Board Guidance on Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals



At Colorado Early Colleges-Parker, we aim for inclusion and accessibility in all programs, interactions and language. We aim to model and encourage person-first language at all times and encourage courageous conversation around allyship and inclusion. The use of certain words or phrases can express bias either intentionally or unintentionally. Below are some general rules for writing or talking about people with disabilities, followed by tips on interacting and a short glossary of outdated terms and suggested alternatives. Many of the new terms are slightly longer but using them will foster more positive and respectful communication with and about persons with disabilities.

Please note it is always offensive to pretend to have a disability and disability simulation experiences should be done with design/navigational purposes only.