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Here at Colorado Early Colleges-Parker (CECP), we recognize that students have a wide variety of needs and those needs may impact their daily and academic functioning. Our administration knows that learning and health, whether social, emotional or physical, goes hand in hand with being able to learn.  

The Exceptional Student Services unit assesses, facilitates meetings and implements programs for students who have a wide variety of needs, i.e., Special Education (SPED), Gifted and Talented (ALP), English as a Second Language (ESL) and Individualized Learning Plan (IEP) 504 Plans. We have two certified SPED teachers that work together as a resource coordinator and a learning specialist. We are able to meet students’ needs in both the high school and collegiate curricula. 

We also have a School Psychologist and School Nurse as a part of our ESSU on campus every day to help intervene in crises, provide resources and implement services and programming as needed. Any parent, teacher, or student can request assistance for themselves or a student they know. Our nurse also provides health services to monitor illness, injury, social-emotional support, resource management, manages vaccination and immunization compliance, vision and hearing screenings, and health education. 

Our two newest members of our team help us to meet more need in a systemic way. Our health aide and parapro will help provide support to both our health services and exceptional student division, as well as increase our nutritional offerings in our café. Our prevention specialist will help us thoughtfully design and implement programming, outreach and resources for our unique community. Our prevention specialist will also be instrumental in serving on our crisis team as well. 

Any referrals can be sent through our referral system, and can be completed at any time, from anyone in our campus community. It is completely anonymous, and is checked twice a day when school is in session. 


Betsy Basch
Dr. Betsy Basch, Director of Health and Exceptional Student Services
Lori Biggs  
Lori Biggs, ESS Resource Coordinator
Ashley Bose, School Nurse
Lisa Devila
Lisa Davila, Learning Specialist
Rhayne Kullmer
Rhayne Kullmer, Health Aide and ParaPro
Rachael Sundeen
Rachael Sundeen, Prevention Specialist