Peer Tutoring Services

Colorado Early Colleges is proud to offer a free peer tutoring program. Tutors are available in all subject areas. Read the biographies of the peer tutors below and sign up for an appointment by clicking the link. 
For more information on the peer tutoring program please contact Academic Success Center Coordinator, Jennifer Laske or Academic Dean, Lily Harris.


virtual realityQuanTum--I volunteer most of my free time in the Lion’s Den café and can tutor pre-Algebra, Geo/Stats, and other basic math subjects. I have taken two colleges courses as a sophomore and am currently taking more.  I am a past student of the month and math is one of my strong points. If you would like to schedule an appointment with me, click here.



Fireopal--I tutor all high school math at CECP, which includes pre-algebra, geometry and statistics, Algebra 1, and Algebra 2. I am  a sophomore in high school and I started CECP Fall 2018. I am excited to have the opportunity to help other students succeed in their education at CECP. If you would like to schedule an appointment with me, click here



Calvin & Hobbes


Calvin--Hello! I'd love to help you in Spanish One, Two, or Three, any English, and American Government, as well as U.S. History One or Two. I love all of these subjects and would be excited to help you do the best you can in any of them. To schedule an appointment with me, click here.



GraceRunningerrands-- Hi everyone! I can tutor English 121 and 122, Math 099 and 121, Geometry and Statistics, and Spanish II. I'm always willing to help, whether with an 8-page essay or a quick completing-the-square problem. To schedule an appointment with me, click here. 



  seth Mr. S -- I will be tutoring math this semester. I am currently a junior here at CEC and I can help anyone who wants assistance in any mathematics course ranging from pre-algebra and combinatorics to calculus. I have a lot of experience with math and I understand all of the different concepts. I personally think that if one does not understand the reasoning behind an idea in mathematics, there is no point in doing problems involving that concept. If you comprehend the concept you will be much more effective and efficient in math. I hope to help some of you that are not as mathematically minded as others are. To schedule an appointment with me, click here.


   wilson    Wilson -- I’m excited to be a math tutor!  I’m a junior and have completed up to College Algebra and am taking Trig next semester.  So, I can tutor in College Algebra, Algebra 2, Algebra 1, Geo/Stats, and Math Basics. I can also tutor American Gov at the High School level. To schedule an appointment with me, click here.



Shark  Mako -- Hello! I would love to help you in your English and Spanish classes as well as in any other subject with papers or writing assignments! I have taken college-level English and Spanish courses and can assist in subjects like American Government and US History, where extensive writing is required. From verb conjugations to paper review, I have a strong grammar foundation and can help with any of your writing, reading, and vocabulary needs (in both languages)! I am currently a senior this year at CECP, and I am excited to tutor at the ASC! To schedule an appointment with me, click here.


tatertotTatertot -- I am a freshman at CEC Parker. I love math I am in college algebra and college chemistry. I will be offering tutoring for college algebra and for algebra 1. I love Math and science I have always loved math since I was little and would love to share this with anyone who wants to learn.  I will work with anybody and I will try to level with you and help you with areas of math your struggling in to the best of my ability.  To schedule an appointment with me, click here.


brussel sprouts  The Brassell Sprout -- Hello I am a tutor for Algebra 1 and Algebra 2, and can also help with any Pre Algebra. I may also be able to help with English and peer edit essays, or help write or correct essays. I am a sophomore in high school and just recently joined CEC fall 2019. I’m an ambassador at this school so I’d be happy to help you with any thing you may need, and can’t wait to start tutoring :). If you would like to schedule an appointment click here.



tanvi  Small Mango -- Hi! I can tutor in Algebra 1 and 2 along with Spanish 1. I am currently taking college courses and would love to help out. I understand most of the concepts and will do my best to explain them in an understandable way. To schedule an appointment with me, click here.


Cube The athletic nerd -- Hello! I am currently a freshman here at CEC, and I would be more than happy to tutor anyone in pre-algebra, algebra 1 or algebra 2. I am also available to edit or help write papers from any high school English class. To Schedule an appointment with me, click here.