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Dean's List

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To recognize and reward students who demonstrate excellence in their classes, CECP will be rolling out a Dean's list. Full-time students with a 3.80 unweighted semester GPA, or above, at the end of each semester will be placed on the Dean's list. Eligible students must be full time and enrolled in at least 4 classes (defined as 4 high school periods, 4 college classes, or any combination) or be enrolled in at least 10 college credits. Eligible students must pass all classes and have no behavioral or academic integrity violations.


Honoring students by unweighted GPA recognizes students’ excellence in their classes wherever they are, whether they are in high school or college classes. Students on the Dean's list will be recognized in the weekly newsletter.


The CECP Dean’s list is aligned with Colorado Early Colleges' updated policy which was approved by the CEC board on August 1, 2018, and is effective immediately.






The Dean's List for Spring 2019

Ryan Adams 

Isaac Gallegos 

Ella Moran

Dylan Slavey

Lucy Alley 

Emilie Garrett 

Theodore Murphy

Ciara Smith

Thomas Alley 

Aida Gates

Mya Newberry

David Smith

Grace Arons

Samantha Graf

Skylar Nollenberger

Lynae Smith

Gabriel Berta 

Cooper Gwartney

Grace Nordgren

Marc Soorenburg

John Bogumill

Adysen Hendren

Christine O'Hayre

Abigail Somers

Rachel Brody 

Anagabriela Heredia Garza

Elianna Patridge

Austin Spaulding

Micaela Carlson 

Emily Hill

Rebecca Pelster

Joseph Summer 

Anna Candler 

Logan Kastner

Abigail Peterman

Jennifer Suson 

Jonathan Christensen 

Jaime Kent

Abigale Poyner

Tara Takacs

Grace Clark 

Rachael Kluz

Abigail Reinhart

Julia Thomas

Nyah Cubbison

Joslyn Krzak

Thomas Rendon

Kristoff Trbovich

Nathan Dalke 

Megan Kushekar

Anwen Rhodes

Samuel Tweedy

Anna DeFrees

Jack Kurlinski

Hudson Ricciardi

Parveen Udawala

Elise Douglas

Hartlee Layne

Makayla Rice

Seth Uyechi

Isabella Duran

Cynthia Lim

Rachel Roberts

Hanna Vanconett

Sierra Duval

Daniel Malicay

Emily Rodgers

Cambrie Vergeire

Melody Dyer

Hudson Marsh

Olivia Roman

Brookanna Ware

Ellery Ellison

Carly Mason

Abigail Schutte

Emily Waskow

Matthew Falvey

Melanie Mason

Alex Silverhart

Maeve Wilder

John Fish

Heather McGarry

Abigail Simonton

Lexie Young

Max Friscic

Mahri McLean

Ethan Sims


Lila Galinkin

Alexandra Moldowan

Abraham Sitanggang