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Enrollment Process


Thank you for your interest in Colorado Early Colleges Parker! 



Sibling Enrollment/ Early Acceptance


As an existing CECP family, you have priority in the processing of your application. All current CECP student siblings interested in attending CECP or CECPHR for the 2019-2020 school year may begin the application process during the early enrollment period (November 12- December 1). To ensure your student is considered for early acceptance the enrollment process must be completed no later than December 1 when enrollment will be opened to the general public. All enrollments not completed and accepted by December 1 will be processed in the order they are completed along with all other applicants.

Enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year will open December 1 for both CEC Parker and 


 our Highlands Ranch Distance Program. 



Use the link below to complete STEP ONE of the application process

STEP ONE- Initial Application for Admissions




Please Read the Following Information Regarding our New Enrollment Process! 
  1. Step One- Initial Admissions Application
    1. Complete the Initial Admissions Application
    2. Receive your Confirmation of Application Email
    3. You will receive an email within 5-7 business days regarding acceptance and guidance to the next steps
  2. Step Two- Online Registration
    1. Must be completed within ten (10) days of receiving your acceptance letter so we may process your enrollment in a timely manner. Failure to comply with this deadline could jeopardize your enrollment.  
    2. Your acceptance email will provide the link to our online registration.
      1. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THE LINK TO Online Registration
        1. Applications submitted for students that have not been accepted will be deleted
      2. Upload any requested documents to the online application
        1. Birth Certificate
        2. Immunization Documents
        3. Transcript/ Grade Report
        4. 504/IEP/ALP Documents as Applicable
        5. Legal Documents as Applicable
  3. Step Three- Receive your Confirmation of Completion Email 
    1. Register for Placement Testing (link provided in email)
      1. Placement Testing will be held in the summer once the school year has ended
    2. Complete the online application for Arapahoe Community College (link provided in email)
      1. Make sure you document your S Number. You will need it to sign up for your Launch Day (advising session)
      2. Register for a Lion Launch Day (link provided in email)
        1. Advising will be held in the summer once the school year has ended. 
You will begin receiving bi-weekly newsletters from CECP for new students and families. It is IMPERATIVE that you read the newsletter to ensure you have the most current information. 





If you are interested in enrolling for a school year beyond 2018-2019, please complete our

 Future Lion form


Direct all questions and concerns regarding enrollment to our