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Highlands Ranch Satellite Office FAQ's

Colorado Early Colleges Highlands Ranch Satellite Office
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions



It is not a campus but rather an advising and testing center.  Students will participate in full advising appointments on site, and take the Accuplacer and other state tests, as applicable.
Students will take all classes at local college campuses (Even developmental courses - developmental courses on the college campus are the equivalent of our high school/college prep classes.)
Students will still fulfill all high school requirements off campus while simultaneously pursuing their 60 college credits.  
All graduates will attend, and take part in, the Colorado Early Colleges Parker graduation.  Their diplomas will state Colorado Early Colleges Parker.
All CECP and CECHRSO students may partake in all campus activities (ie. Homecoming, prom, NHS, student council, etc)
Students can still choice in at their local high school for sports and clubs that are not available at CECP.
Full-time advisor on staff at CECHRSO
We are working on transportation (buses) from CECP, to/from HRSO, to/from ACC.
Community college partners have a very large and active concurrent enrollment population and many activities, clubs, events in which students can partake.