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What is Academic Advising? 

“Advising is a process in which advisor and advisee enter a dynamic relationship respectful of the student’s concerns. Ideally, the advisor serves as teacher and guide in an interactive partnership aimed at enhancing the student’s self-awareness and fulfillment.” O’Banion, T (1972). Colorado Early Colleges Parker advisors meet with students a minimum of once per semester to provide guidance in completing CECP’s high school graduation requirements and design an academic plan which supports college and career goals. While our advisors can research and plan college coursework, ultimate responsibility regarding degree program requirements rests with students and parents.


How do CECP advisor's support students?

CECP advisors understand and respect a student's uniqueness and educational goals. They serve as first point of contact for students' academic needs. Advisors provide accurate and important information about graduation requirements and inform students about the purpose and potential of higher education. Students collaborate with an advisor to create an Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP), consistent with their educational goals, career interests, and abilities. The main goals of CECP advisors are:

  • Develop a supportive relationship with students to assist in their transition from high school to the college environment
  • Assist students in developing an individual career and academic plan (ICAP) which supports academic and career goals
  • Assist students in evaluating and/or reevaluating progress toward established educational and career goals 
  • Provide information regarding CECP and partnering colleges policies, procedures, resources, and programs


When should students contact or meet with an advisor?

Once officially enrolled at CECP, students can contact their advisor for support. Advising appointments are scheduled via an online scheduling system each semester to plan for the following semester's coursework. Families can check the Sunday newsletter, sent out weekly, to determine when advising opens. It is also necessary for students to connect with their advisor at any point in the semester if a change in schedule is being considered. In addition, students are encouraged to meet with their advisor throughout their time at CECP as important questions arise related to their future educational plans. Outside of scheduled advising, students can check in at the front desk to meet with their advisor on a walk-in basis. Advisors can assist with any of the following:

  • Schedule creation
  • Add/drop class(es)
  • Withdrawal from class(es)
  • Graduation planning
  • Time management strategies
  • Organizational strategies
  • Study strategies
  • Developing educational/career goals
  • Evaluating academic progress
  • Understanding academic policy
  • Identifying CECP tutoring/academic resources
  • Communication between students & teachers/Academic Dean/Head of School
  • College major/career exploration
  • College applications
  • Letters of recommendation
  • much more!


Whats next?


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