Full-time vs. Part-time

CECP College Direct

2020-2021 Full-Time/Part-Time Fact Sheet




Course Load

Five-seven 5 day/week college prep courses OR 7 college credit hours OR two 5 day/week college prep+3-6 college credit hours

2-4 college prep courses OR 3-6 college credit hours

Tuition Voucher



CECP Transcript

Includes courses transferred in from previously attended schools including home schools

CECP-College Direct courses only

Do you want to earn a CECP high school diploma



Do you want to participate in the CECP Graduation Ceremony?



Are you willing to pursue CECP’s graduation requirements including taking the required Academic and Career Planning course?



Course of Study

CECP graduation requirements and Individual Career Academic Plan

Goals of private or home school

Enroll in another public school while enrolled at CECP?


Must be enrolled in a private or home school

Change FT/PT status mid-year?

*Yes—a FT student may drop to a PT status for 2nd semester

*No- a PT student may not increase to a FT student until the next school year.

Attendance verification

Required for all off-campus courses

Required for all off-campus courses

Grade Level

Determined by prior year grade level & age

Determined by prior year grade level & age

State Required Standardized Tests

**9th, 10th, and 11th graders: CMAS, PSAT, and/or Colorado SAT

**9th, 10th, and 11th graders: CMAS, PSAT, and/or Colorado SAT


*Students may change their status only once during their enrollment at CECP. A PT student may opt to become a FT student at the beginning of any school year. At that time, the student will need to provide an official transcript showing any credits earned outside of CECP.


**State required standardized tests are required for all full-time AND part-time students. All CECP students must come to campus on the designated testing days even if it requires the student to miss an off-campus college course.


Students may continue to be enrolled at CECP until they meet their graduation requirements or until they turn 21. Students who turn 21 on or before October 1 of the current school year are not eligible for enrollment.