Infectious Disease Protocol

We have many sick students at CECP show up daily often because they are afraid of falling behind. While falling behind is a valid concern, it also very concerning having sick kids coming to school regularly that are coughing, sneezing, vomiting, and sharing germs with other healthy students and staff. Rest, fluids, supportive measures, and seeing a doctor if students’ symptoms persist or are concerning beyond “common cold symptoms,” can help fast track their recovery. In the long term, the student may be more effective at making up the work if they take a day or two to rest and recover, rather than pushing through illness.

See the handout to the right, "When to Keep Your Child at Home."

What You Can Do

  • If your child has a communicable disease, or a suspected one, you must notify the health office and keep them home.

  • If your child has a fever and is accompanied by one or more of these symptoms - coughing, sneezing, runny nose, chills - they must stay home. A child cannot return to school until 24 hours after a fever (or chills) has stopped without the use of fever reducing medication.

  • If your child has been diagnosed with a concussion, please notify the health office.

  • When you call in an absence, please request to transfer to the health office and leave a voicemail with the illness (or suspected illness) and student info. If you send an email regarding attendance, please CC the school nurse ( In order to keep our student body healthy, we are required to monitor trends and notify our local health department if our illness levels rise above a certain threshold. 

What if my Child Falls Behind?

If a student is having trouble making up work due to documented illness, please contact the school nurse or our Academics Dean so we can be aware and address the problem.

  • MMR – Students must have completed MMR series within the appropriate dates allocated by Colorado or they will be required to be excluded from school for 3 weeks if an outbreak occurs. This exclusion includes all students who cannot be immunized due to medical conditions, as well as those who have chosen to opt-out of immunization via filing an exemption with the school. This exclusion is required by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Safety and is to maintain optimal health of all student body and staff at CECP. In order to prevent your child having to be excluded from school, it is recommended that your child gets the MMR series.

  • It is our job to protect students' health and wellbeing so that they may be able to attend school on a regular basis. Sending your child to school when sick for fear that they will miss out on their rigorous classwork is unfair to all students and staff – they will be given adequate make up time as long as they have documented illness. There are several attendees who have compromised immune status. Sending your students to school while being sick endangers these students, along with the rest of our population.  Please be considerate of others and keep your child home when ill and report any communicable diseases when present to help us keep our CECP community happy and healthy.­­