Immunization Form

A copy of your student's immunization record is required in order to enroll at CEC Parker.  We will accept records directly from your doctor’s office or from the previous school.   Or you may have your physician complete the chart.
  • Immunization records may be faxed directly from your doctor’s office or from your previous school to our school nurse at 720-340-2871.
  • You may have your physician complete this certificate.
  • You may sign the waiver/exemption area on the form.

Policy about exemption

It is the law in the state of Colorado that all students have a compliant vaccination record for the student to remain in school.

Compliance can be gained with:

  1. The vaccination - If you have an appointment scheduled you must send the IMM record promptly afterwards.  The Nurse must be kept up to date with the follow up dates scheduled for the remainder of the vaccination series.

  2. With an exemption form- All non-medical exemptions expire June 30th of every year and must be renewed.

  3. With proof of immunity of disease
Refer to the Colorado Law regarding vaccinations and exclusions listed to the right.

General Housekeeping for Exemption Forms

  • Please be sure to check in all the boxes to be exempted

  • Add the correct student name/address/information

  • Sign/date 7/1/20 at the bottom so the form can suffice for the entire 2019-2020 year (or first date of school for each upcoming year)

  • If chosen to write a personal statement of exemption, it is required by law to specify student’s name, date of birth, which vaccines being exempted, and form dated with the 8/9/19 or first date of school year, and specify if it is a personal or religious exemption.

  • For the student who is not up to date on required vaccines, the school will notify the parent/guardian that the student has 14 days to receive the required vaccine(s) or to make an appointment to receive the required vaccine(s). Parents are to provide a written plan for the remaining vaccines following the minimum intervals of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) schedule. If the plan is not followed, the student shall be excluded from school for non-compliance.