Health Services

Emily Bouhall, School NurseOur administration knows that learning and health, whether social, emotional or physical, goes hand in hand with being able to learn. 

We have a full-time registered nurse that is part of our Exceptional Student Services team that provides health services to monitor illness, injury, social-emotional support, resource management, and compliance. Our nurse also helps manage our vaccination and immunization compliance, vision and hearing screenings, and health education. Nursing and health services also provide support for chronically ill students (including students on 504 or IEP plans), development and implementation of health care plans, emergency response, and all the minor “bumps and bruises” incurred on the campus. We also evaluate students who are feeling ill to see if they need to go home, or if can we support them with treatment and/or rest to make it through the school day. In addition, we help coordinate contact with teachers if a student is going to be out for an extended time due to illness,  injury, or surgery.

Wellness advocacy is another skill our nurse and health services team strive to expand students’ knowledge, efficacy, and understanding. Whether it may be dealing with a short-term illness, mental health, chronic illness, or a student is just having a tough day, our team strives to meet each student in their moment of need. In meeting with students, we start building up their abilities to self-identify problems, assess their current needs, promote self-care and prepared-ness for when situations arise, and then assist them in asking for support when needed. The purpose of self- advocacy is to instill a sense of competency in our students. Our hope for students is when they leave our doors, they will feel more confidence in their ability to self-manage their own conditions, emotions, and feel comfortable asking for help when they need it.