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Health Services

Our administration knows that learning and health, whether social, emotional or physical, goes hand in hand with being able to learn.  In addition to immunization compliance and providing support for chronically ill students, we are available to respond in emergencies and for all the minor bumps and bruises incurred on the campus.  We also evaluate students who are feeling ill to see if they need to go home, or if can we support them with treatment and/or rest to make it through the school day. In addition, we help coordinate contact with teachers if a student is going to be out for an extended time due to illness, or surgery.

Early Colleges does allow students to carry and self-administer over-the counter medications. They must be kept in a labelled bottle/package and may contain several doses. This is a privilege and medications must be kept on their person and not be shared with their peers.

The Registered Nurse or their delegate may only give over the counter medication if it has been prescribed by a licensed health care provider.

If your student is on a prescription medication, those medications are kept in the nurse’s office and will be dispensed, as ordered, by your physician.


Questions? Please contact Emily Bouhall