Michael Barnes

Michael Barnes has a lot of interests. He’s a competitive rugby player, a member of National Honor Society and student council, and is working towards an engineering degree at a military academy. He knew he needed help creating a schedule that worked to fit everything, and he found that help at CEC. 


“My advisor has worked with me to pursue my dream of becoming an engineer,” he said. “He knows me and what I want to do, and has helped me to create a schedule that works around all my extracurricular activities and my work.” 


The support Michael has received from his teachers at CEC has allowed him to continue to play rugby for another school. His advisor and professors work with him to catch up when he has to miss class, reschedule exams and offer extensions when they’re needed.  


“This has been an incredible opportunity to expand my academic career while still pursuing the sport that I love,” he said.  


With his eye on some incredibly competitive schools, the advisement offered by CEC has been crucial for Michael. They’ve helped him with applications and recommendations, and meeting tight deadlines for turning it all in. 


“Knowing I can pursue my dream and they’re here to help me is really amazing,” he said.  “I have control over what I want to pursue, and they work with me to get there.” 


One of Michael’s favorite things about CEC is the community. He appreciates the student body’s desire to pursue academic excellence while still enjoying their time as high school students, participating in clubs, fundraisers and dances.  


“CEC has been a huge blessing to me and many people that I know,” he said. “The teachers here are passionate about what they teach and about enabling us as students and as people to pursue life fully.”