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Textbook Policy and Procedure



Textbook Policy and Procedure



CECP provides textbooks for all students. On-campus students receive textbooks from their teachers, while students enrolled in off-campus courses must follow the following procedure to obtain their textbooks:

On-Campus Textbook Procedure

CECP will provide any necessary textbooks to students taking courses on the CECP campus.  Students are responsible for the book(s) that have been issued to them.  If you fail to return a textbook by the end of the semester, or if you damage or write in a book so that cannot be re-issued, you will be responsible for reimbursing CECP at the current publisher’s cost of the book.  A “hold” will be placed on your student account, and no student records will be released until the book is either returned or payment is received in compensation. 

Off-Campus Textbook Procedure

These procedures must be followed if you want to be reimbursed by CECP for your books:

  1.       CECP requires that you must attempt to rent your textbooks first. If a textbook is not available for rent, you must receive authorization from Rachael Sundeen to purchase it, or it will not be reimbursable. Please email Rachael Sundeen at for approval to purchase textbook(s). Textbooks purchased at the college bookstore (ACC, CCA, RRCC, PPCC, FRCC, Metro State, UCD) must also have the approval of Mrs. Sundeen.
  2.       If you purchase a textbook from a college/university bookstore during the 14 days prior to the course start date, yet you could have rented (because you were registered for the course(s) before this two week period), CECP WILL ONLY REIMBURSE 50% of the purchase price minus sales tax.
  3.       To determine the required books for a class, go to the sites below or look in your class syllabus.
    1.       ACC:
    2.       CCA:
    3.       RRCC:
    4.       PPCC:
    5.       MSU & UCD: 
Enter your term, the department, and the course into the text fields.  In order to rent your textbooks you will need the 13-digit ISBN#.  Required books AND optional/recommended books will be shown.  CECP will ONLY reimburse you for REQUIRED textbooks. 

Rental Options 

1.    2.    3.     4.     5. Your respective community college websites


If you rent from one of these sites, you are expected to follow their terms and conditions.  CECP will assume no responsibility, financial or otherwise, for books that have been damaged or returned after the due date specified in your rental agreement.  Please use your best judgment when renting from these sites and order from the least expensive site.  Make sure to select a rental period long enough so that the book will not be due back until AFTER the course ends.  If you are unable to find your textbook from one of the above sites, you may seek out other websites or methods to obtain your book.  RENTED TEXTBOOKS MUST BE RETURNED TO THE SITE IN WHICH THEY WERE RENTED FROM, NOT THE CECP CAMPUS. 


Purchase Options (Used) 

  1. 1.      2.        3.       4. 

CECP will only reimburse for required textbooks for a class. Students may purchase recommended/optional materials, for example lab coats or art supplies, at their own expense.  If CECP is to reimburse the cost of a book, whether new or used, that book becomes the property of CECP. It must be returned to Rachael Sundeen, the CECP School Accounts Manager, in office 212, during the reimbursement window from December 1-16 for fall semester, May 15-24 for spring semester, and June 5-16 for summer semester.  If you plan to keep a textbook, do not submit for reimbursement.  Textbooks will not be reimbursed for failed courses.  Reimbursements will not be given if there is a balance on the student account.     

Reimbursement and Textbook Return Process

If you rented ALL of your textbooks for the spring semester, you are eligible for early textbook reimbursement starting November 20.  If ALL of your textbook expenses were rentals, access codes, or consumables (workbooks or lab manuals) you may email the following to Mrs. Sundeen ( to receive reimbursement.

  • Textbook Reimbursement Form
  • Receipts (must show proof at textbook was a rental)
  • Class Syllabi to show required textbooks

*Rented textbooks should be returned to the site in which they were rented from.

Once Mrs. Sundeen has received all of the above items, you will receive a mailed reimbursement check up to the amount left in your CEC tuition voucher with a maximum reimbursement of $500.00.   Requests for fall reimbursement after December 21 will not be approved.  Requests for spring reimbursement made after May 24 will not be approved.

To receive reimbursement for purchased books, the textbook reimbursement form, receipts, class syllabi, and the textbooks, must be submitted to Rachael Sundeen during the textbook reimbursement window from December 1-21 for the fall semester and May 1-24 for the spring semester.  Once Mrs. Sundeen has received all of the above items, you will receive a reimbursement check up to the amount left in your CEC tuition voucher with a maximum reimbursement of $500.00.   Requests for fall reimbursement made after December 21 will not be approved.  Requests for spring reimbursements made after May 24 will not be approved.         


In order to receive a reimbursement check, please make an appointment and bring the following to Rachael Sundeen during the textbook reimbursement window from December 4-21 for fall semester and May 7-24 for spring semester.

  • Textbook Reimbursement Form
  • Receipts
  • Class Syllabi to show required textbooks
  • Textbooks (textbooks that were rented should be returned to the site in which they were rented from)